Maintaining your lawn is not something you simply do during the summer and spring. You’ll have to maintain it throughout the whole year. This is especially true if you want it to bring value to your property.  

Here are several landscaping and lawncare Auburn tips that you can follow for every season: 


  • Get Ready for Spring 

This is also an ideal time to get ready for spring. Refuel, repair, and clean up your tools. Also, you’ve got to start stocking up on supplies for the next season. 

  • Get Rid of Snow 

If you get rid of the snow that gathers, you can take care of your shrubs and trees. This will stop the branches from breaking. 

Also, you should keep your sidewalks and driveways clear from the snow. It will stop people from stepping on the grass and damaging it.  


  • Carefully Mow 

During this time, your grass might still grow in excessive amounts. If necessary, you should keep mowing your lawn. However, cut the grass shorter. This will avoid any issues that occur when winter temperatures arrive. 

  • Seeding 

You’ve got to ensure you see any dead spots in your lawn. During this point, the birds will leave your lawn alone. Thus, it is safe to plant seeds. This will keep your lawn ready to grow for the next spring season. 

  • Clean Up the Lawn 

Keep Your lawn clear from any debris. This includes twigs and leaves. The debris can affect the growth of your grass if neglected. It can even hinder its growth during the spring season. 


  • Properly Water Your Lawn 

1 inch is the normal watering height for grass. You’ve got to ensure you evenly water it. Also, make sure you water them properly to prevent scorching the blades whenever the sun is at its peak. 

  • Cut Properly 

You’ve got to ensure you leave at least 2 inches of grass when mowing the lawn. Shorter blades will die under the sun since it will easily dry out. This makes your lawn die off.  

  • Get Rid of the Bugs 

Summer is the season where worm grubs and other pests will feed on your lawn’s roots. If you neglect this, your lawn will eventually die. You can use a pesticide that can kill them. However, you’ve got to ensure you follow the directions properly.  


  • Mow and Trim 

You shouldn’t hesitate to mow and trim as required if there is excessive grass. This will enable the soil to breathe and allow a nitrogen exchange. With this, you can guarantee your grass will grow healthy.  

  • Utilize Fertilizer 

To ensure your grass has a neutral pH, you should test your soil first. After that, you can apply fertilizer to guarantee the healthy growth of the grass. Be sure you follow the instructions on how to apply the fertilizer. 

  • Clean the Lawn 

Get rid of any debris that accumulated from winter. This includes wet leaves, sticks, and twigs. If you left them ignored, the debris can stall the growth of your grass. This affects the look of your lawn.