Original Caribbean Art & Paintings from Jamaica, Haiti & Cuba.

We have collected and sold Haitian paintings, Jamaican art and Cuban paintings for almost 50 years.  Our collection is large and varied...in style, in theme, and also in price.  We carry works by early Jamaican and Haitian Intuitive painters, like Albert Artwell and Prosper Pierre Louis.  We sell paintings by acknowledged Haitian and Jamaican Masters, such as Seymour Etienne Bottex and Carl Abrahams.  We display the wonderful creations of a large & growing number of Cuban artists, such as - amongst others - the highly acclaimed Orestes Gaulhiac.  Some of our painters are already well-established, others even enjoy international renown;  but we make a point of also offering to our clients the works of young, promising, yet-to-be-discovered artists.

When deciding which painting to purchase (and we do hope you will buy at least one), allow yourself to be guided by this simple maxim: Buy the painting you like the most.  The one which, above all others, speaks to you.  Makes you happy.  Delights you.  Do that, and you cannot go wrong.  Most of our art is readily affordable.  Even our prices for recognized artists are hard to beat.  But if the work you truly desire is a little (or even a lot) outside your price range, talk to us...we will do our utmost to design with & for you a long-term lay-away plan.

So, as we say here in Jamaica, "tek time" to browse through our collection.  We hope you will enjoy our art as much as we do and look forward to hearing from you!