Dieuseul, Paul - Haiti - Ref# DIEU 1

Acrylic on Canvas / 19.5"x23"

Dieuseul Paul was one of the original members of the Saint Soleil movement, which gained international recognition in 1975 when the French cultural icon Andre Malraux visited the community.  It is said that Malraux was seated in a chair on a grassy knoll while the artists of Saint Soleil ascended the slope, encircling him, each holding a piece of their art.  Malraux was blown away by the scene and immortalized the movement by featuring Saint Soleil prominently in his last book, " L’Intemporel".
The Saint Soleil disbanded after only a few years, but five of the artists - Prosper Pierre-Louis, Levoy Exil, Denis Smith, Paul Dieuseul and Louisiane St. Fleurant - reorganized into the group "Cinq Soleils”.  In cooperation with several French cultural institutions, they opened a spacious and secure atelier in Soissons on September 23, 1989.
Dieuseul Paul passed away during the last week of July 2006 at his home.  He was 54 years old.

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