Pierre Louis, Prosper - Haiti - Ref# PPL 3

Acrylic on Canvas / 11.5"x15"

Prosper Pierre-Louis was born on October 12, 1947, in Bainet, near Jacmel, in Haiti.  He did not have any formal schooling and was a self-taught painter.  As a child he assisted his father, a houngan (or Voodoo priest), in the preparation of Haitian Voodoo ceremonies.  This influence is reflected in his works, which often depict mystical Voodoo Loas (or spirits).  As a young man, whilst working at the home of Maud Robard, he became a member of the “Saint Soleil” peasant commune (organized by Robard), which brought together a number of artists, including painters, dancers, singers and craftsmen.  Prosper Pierre Louis eventually became the most prominent painter in the Saint Soleil group.
When the Saint Soleil group disbanded, Prosper Pierre Louis (along with Levoy Exil, Dieuseul Paul, Denis Smith and Louisiane Saint Fleurant) formed the “Cinq Soleils” group.  This group of painters’ work was greatly popularized by Andre Malraux, and Prosper Pierre Louis rose to fame not only in his native Haiti, but also in the wider world.
He died in November 1997.

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