Pottinger, David - Jamaica - Ref# POT 1

"North Street, Downtown Kingston" / Oil on Canvas / 21"x20"

David Pottinger (1911-2007) was a self taught artist who lived most of his life painting scenes of life in downtown Kingston.  As an Intuitive he captured the vibrance of life of everyday folk going about their business whether chatting or ‘labrishing’, on the way to market or participating in a Nine Night.  Most of his works included the architecture of downtown.  He is considered a founding artist of the Jamaican Art Movement.  Pottinger was invited to participate in some art classes at the Edna Manley School of Art where is was soon observed that he understood well the use of colours and drawing.  He exhibited at the Institute of Jamaica’s All Island Exhibitions of Painting, National Gallery Exhibitions, Mutual Life Gallery and many more.  He was awarded the Silver Musgrave Medal in 1987 and Order of Distinction OD in that year.  Pottinger painted until his passing at the age of 96, was an outstanding Jamaican artist with a gentle nature and love of life.

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