How to buy from our site

We have been in the business of selling Caribbean Art for almost 50 years, and for much of that time we sold only through our retail outlets in Montego Bay.  This gave us the opportunity to meet our customers in person, to discuss their likes and dislikes & to advise them on their purchases face-to-face.  We always liked - and to this day still enjoy - getting to know our clients before they buy anything from us, because we believe that selling art is a very personal business.

Alas, we, too, had to move with the times...and so we opened our first on-line gallery nearly 15 years ago.  Our old website did not permit customers to place orders for paintings directly, i.e. by using a shopping cart.  Instead, they were merely able to view our offerings on-line, and were then required to contact us by email or phone to arrange for a purchase.  And this, whilst no substitute for a face-to-face meeting, nonetheless allowed us to get to know least, a little bit.

With this new website, we have gone a small step further:  our customers are now able to use a convenient shopping cart to place their orders with us...but we still DO NOT allow customers to purchase paintings outright, on-line.  Instead, upon receipt of your purchase order, we will contact you "in person", by email or phone, to make the necessary payment arrangements.

Having said that, if you wish to speak with us before placing an on-line purchase, please do.  You can contact us by phone, email or snail mail.  For contact details, please refer to Contact Us.

(*)  Please note that you must be a resident of one of the following countries to use the on-line shopping cart:  United States of America, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.  If you reside anywhere else, please contact us by email or phone to finalize your purchase. long's a quick guide to How to Buy on-line:

Our offerings are grouped into four collections:  the Haitian Art Collection, the Cuban Art Collection, the Jamaican Art Collection, and the Giclee Prints Collection.  In each of these, we display all of the available works by all of our artists from that particular country.  By default, the works featured in each collection are displayed alphabetically by artist name.
Using the "Filter by" drop-down-menu, you can choose to display only the works of a specific artist in any given collection by clicking on his/her name, thus eliminating the need to search the entire collection for his/her works.  In all collections, you can also filter works by size:  from approx. 8"x10 to 12"x16" (we classify these as small);  from approx. 16"x20" to 24"x30" (we classify these as medium);  and those from 24"x36" and upwards (which we think of as large).  In some collections, we further allow you to filter the works by other criteria: in the Haitian Art Collection, for instance, you can choose to display only the works of Haitian Masters, or those of the artists of the Saint Soleil movement.
Using the "Sort by" drop-down-menu, you can further refine you search (either within the entire collection, or within only one artist's works) by changing the alphabetical order, sorting the paintings by price (High-to-Low & Low-to-High), or sorting them by date (New-to-Old & Old-to-New).  Sorting paintings by date will allow you to easily find our most recent acquisitions.
Below each painting in a collection you will see the following information:  the artist's name, country of origin, the unique reference number for that particular painting, and the price (in US$, excluding shipping charges).
Click on any painting to view a larger image, a more detailed description of the work (medium and size), and the artist's biography.  If you like what you see, add the painting to your cart and then either continue with your shopping or proceed to Checkout.  To obtain a binding shipping quote for the items in your cart, use the "Shipping Rates Calculator".  The cost quoted there will be added to your final purchasing cost at Checkout.  IMPORTANT!  Please note that outside the USA, duties & taxes (e.g. VAT) might be payable on the import of works of art.  Please check with your relevant local authorities or with us.
At Checkout, choose the available payment method.  We will then contact you to make payment arrangements.  Once we have received your authorized payment, we will email you a payment confirmation.  Then...we ship your paintings to you.
On-line or off-line, we very much look forward to hearing from you!

Nicky & Stefan