Casimir, Laurent - Haiti - Ref# CASI 1

Oil on Board / 15"x49"

Laurent Casimir was born on May 5, 1928, in Anse-a-Veau, Haiti.  He moved to Port-au-Prince in the late 1940’s, where his friend, the painter Dieudonne Cedor, introduced him to the Centre d’Art.
Casimir was the originator of the archetypal and much-imitated “Haitian Market” scene, using shades of red, orange and yellow.  In the mid-1970’s he moved to Martissant, where he often held court in his front yard, whilst in the back yard a few of his apprentices were busily filling in colours on canvases the master had drawn and would later sign.  He is undoubtedly - and regrettably - one of the most forged of Haiti’s artists.  Laurent Casimir died in 1990.

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