Chery, Jacques-Richard - Haiti - Ref# JC 3

Oil on Canvas Board / 8"x10"

Born in Cap Haitien in Northern Haiti on February 2, 1928, Chery started painting whilst still working in his regular job as a barber. He then opened a gas station in the Artibonite Valley and exhibited his art at his place of work. Following the warm reception given to his works, and on the advice of his friend Philome Obin, he moved to Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haitian Art, in 1951. In 1965, he entered the Galerie Issa, where he painted for several years. His works are often reproduced in magazines (Time, Vogue), as well as in art books. He has exhibited in London (1969), Spoletto (1970), Modena (1981), New York, Milwaukee, Berlin (1979), Paris (1980, 1988, & 1990). His earlier works were representative of the Northern School, focusing on the minutely detailed representation of historical scenes or events of very-day life, such as carnivals, Christmas, etc. In his current style he paints with great humour and in vibrant colours comic drawings of weddings, of children carrying giant fruits on their heads, or of packed tap-taps.

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