Saul, Audes - Haiti - Ref# AS 3

Acrylic on Canvas / 20"x24"

Born in Bobardopolis in Northern Haiti in May 1949, Saul was a carpenter, then an electrician, before discovering painting through his brother Charles, who himself had been encouraged to paint by Baptist missionaries.  Charles joined the Galerie Issa in 1971, and his success soon inspired Audes to do the same.  He moved to Port-au-Prince and began working with Issa.  Some of his paintings were selected by Jean Marie Drot and Andre Malraux for exhibition in Paris and Auxerre in 1975.  Since then, he has exhibited in numerous countries, including Italy, Sweden, France, the United States and Japan (where his work is highly valued).  His works can be found in a number of prestigious private collections.

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