Vinas, Humberto - Cuba - Ref# VIN 1

Acrylic on Canvas / 43"x31.5"

Humberto Vinas was born in Havana om June 5, 1963.  He is a self-taught painter and auto-didact, who in 1985 completed his studies as an artsmith.  He subsequently worked as an artsmith in the Taller Katey.  In 1987, he designed the catalogue and program for the exhibition "Primer Encuentro de la Cultura Arabe en Cuba", which was held at the Galeria Emir Abdel Kader in Havana.  In 1988 he completed a course in photography at the Union de Escritores y Periodistas de Cuba.  From 1986 to 1990 he completed a course in ceramics at the Taller de Ceramica del Cerro.  In 1994 he completed a course in theatre production, dance, and music spectaculars, and was recognized in this field by the Ministry of Culture and the Teatro Nacional de Cuba.  In 1995 he became an independent artist with the Fondo de Bienes Culturales.

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